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Our rights as Americans

People are very afraid of losing parts of the second amendment, which is our right to bare arms. Why? Because of mass school shootings all across the US. For the most part I agree and disagree with the regulations. They won't help much if people can't work together to make life safer. This society is all about me and my needs. As long as something doesn't affect me it's not my problem. Until I get punished for something other people do. Then there is a definite problem. Which is why putting regulations on the second amendment is controversial. Not only does it affect our rights as US citizens but we feel that it is almost a punishment for a nation of people who feel that they never did any wrong.

Deep down we feel anger for our rights being altered or even threatened. But the problem isn't our rights or guns. It's that we as a society do very little for each other. And because of this we aren't a community. We're a group of individuals who can't even unite over the protection of children. Right now no one is thinking about the children and their lives. Who cares if your sending your kids to a death sentence in the third grade? Everyone should. If a child has to go to school despite all the danger should we not be more concerned? And it's not only elementary and middle school, it's high school and college as well. We as individuals can't even feel safe about going to school anywhere at any age.

While I agree that the rights of Americans should not be altered I feel that safety and a healthy community is better than my right to have an AR-15.

If taking away our rights will make this a safer place than to some extant it will be worth it. At this time we must unite to keep our rights. Not argue and fight I've them. It may be unfair to lose your rights over something someone else did but if we can't come together to fix the problem than none of us need our rights. We can just do whatever we want. Even kill innocent people.

So the biggest issue over the second amendment should not be who keeps their guns and who can't. It should be whether we will come together as a community or fight as individuals.

Personaly I believe we'll only be able to keep our rights when we stop thinking about ourselves and learn to remember that there are issues in America that do concern all of us. If we want to keep the second amendment in tact we need to stop thinking about guns and start thinking about other people.

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